Friday, 3 October 2008

David Dimbleby To Host MTV Awards

“Double D Shouts Out To All His Niggas” Says Broadcaster

After Will Young was invited to appear on BBC’s Question Time, David Dimbleby has been named as the presenter for this year’s European MTV Awards. During the show, the 69-year-old is expected to sing a specially-written duet with Snoop Dogg entitled “Suck My PPE Degree, Bizzle.”

It is the first time the political correspondent has appeared at the MTV awards ceremony and his agent said Dimbleby is “Very excited at the opprtunity to quiz The Kooks on their views on overseas development, question The Jonas Brothers on middle-east affairs and get a really good look at Girls Alouds’ rabbits up close.”

The move was sparked after housewives’ favourite singing chin Will Young was invited as a guest on Question Time by producer Gill Penlington. Young stated he was a fan of the show during an interview for Radio 5. “I started screaming and running around the house as soon as I heard” said Penlington.

“I’ve thought he was well lush since he was on Pop Idol and I voted for him 27 times so that skanky Gareth Gates wouldn’t win. He looks like a clockwork hedgehog and I hate him. I called all my mates and told them what he’d said and they were dead jealous. Kirsty Wark reckoned I was lying but that’s just ‘cos everyone found out about the time David Miliband fingered her in the conference room at Chequers.”

Young is set to appear on Question Time in December, alongside Shami Chakrabarti, Will Self, John Sergeant and Duffy. Meanwhile, MTV producers are trumpeting Dimbleby’s participation as “A real coup for the music channel. We want to show that pop music deserves the same pomp and gravitas given to other art forms such as classical music and opera. An experienced hand like Dimbleby will certainly bring that to the show as he announces such awards as “Best Hotpants In A Video”, “Best Use Of The Phrase ‘Da Club’” and “Outstanding Achievement In Pissing On A 14-Year-Old”.


Anonymous said...

I am an avid viewer of Question time
but i am afraid i will be boycotting the Will Young episode I cant stand the middle class pompas twit.I remember two days prior to Pop Idol final DD held a show of hands in the audience as to who they wanted to win needless to say Gareth won hands down as he did every single poll that was publically conducted during that time.
Pity Pop Idol was to far back to be included in the tv voting scams investigation.It was known massive areas of the NW (very significant to Gareth)lost connection during the voting and ppl weren't able to register their vote,It wasn't
BT's fault but they took all the flack no it was NTL who explained (to a relative of mine who was trying to contact me)that such a
heavy demand in that area was putting there whole system at risk of collapse so they had no option but hastened to add the lines were opened as soon as the voting finished.Big Deal !!!!!!

eagertogo said...

No not Will Young on the show! I won't be tuning in that night! That man is so far up himself, he couldn't get any more bigheaded, and he can't sing either, unless you like the sound of a duck quacking!

He has become such a diva since Pop Idol, goodness only knows why, because the voting was rigged anyway. What a shame, he will really lower the tone of the show, as you never know what sort of inuendo he is going to come out with. Yuk!

Anonymous said...

Question Time with Will Young,I for won won't tune in,can't stand the man,he's so big headed and thinks himself the bees knees, he's a right twit.
Pop Idol was a scam,Gareth Gates was the real winner,if we had all got through and not blanked out when we phoned in Gareth would have won by a large margin.

Anonymous said...

Poster Push Jelly seems to be a very primitive person and is a shame for this site.

6oober said...

"Poster Push Jelly seems to be a very primitive person and is a shame for this site."
WTF does that mean?
on a lighter note,will young is fucking clown shoes.anyone who likes the fruity bastard is obviously gay.or a screaming little girl.
(if this has upset you,good.coz u is a twat innit)


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