Tuesday, 8 January 2008

BNP Launch Education Policy

BNP Promises ‘Standards Of Bigotry’ For Under-10s

Nick Griffin has unveiled the BNP’s new education policy which promises that “Every child shall, by the age of ten, be proficient in a basic level of racial intolerance.”

Speaking at a party conference in Ebbsfleet, Griffin said “It breaks my heart to see Britain slipping behind other heathen nations in so many areas – standards of living, literacy and Nintendo Wii ownership. But we believe that a grass-roots approach to blind intolerance can once again make Britain great.”

Griffin went on to say what first inspired the new policy. “I was walking my Great British Bulldog 'Enoch' through the park not so long ago and heard two fourteen-year-olds playing by the swings. Imagine my disgust when I heard one of them call the other a ‘wop’. The boy was clearly of Spanish origin and the more correct ‘dago’ should have been used.

To think that a child could get to that age and not know the basic differences between a cowardly, greasy wop and a lazy, smelly dago makes me despair for our future.”

Under the BNP’s new scheme, a ‘Buddy System’ would be employed in primary schools, partnering pupils with elderly bigots to pass on their knowledge. “There is a great, untapped resource of thoughtless hatred in this country going to waste.” said Griffin “I, for one, do not believe that people should be placed on the scrapheap at the age of 65. Especially when they can pass on their years of experience making comments about ‘natural sense of rhythm’ and ‘breeding like flies’.”

Griffin has also asked television chiefs to get behind the BNP policy by bringing back programs such as ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ and ‘Mind Your Language’. Griffin added “If we could get the next Children In Need to be hosted by Jim Davidson dressed as ‘Chalky’ and Lenny Henry doing that one who shouted ‘Katanga!’, that would be a real boost.”

Under Griffin’s educational reform, by secondary school all pupils will have been tested in the following areas:

· Complaining about cookery smells
· Work Experience – who is stealing all our jobs and why
· Sporting Dichotomy: Why foreigners who play for your team are different
· The Five Basic Welfare Scams Of The Darkie
· Elementary name-calling

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