Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Drunk Kids Cause Less Bother, Claims Cameron

“Pissed Toddlers Can Barely Hold A Knife” Says Tory Leader

David Cameron has suggested parents get their kids as twatted as possible, starting immediately, in order to reduce youth-related crime. In a hard-hitting, in-depth political interview conducted by Radio 1, the Tory leader said “The disease of knife crime, antisocial behaviour and car theft could be removed at a stroke if the little blighters were so cunted they couldn’t walk 10 yards without falling over.”

Cameron, interviewed for Radio 1’s “Politics, Yeah?” spot talked about his childhood growing up in a fucking huge estate the size of a landlocked South American country. He went on to show how his formative years were exactly like those of a 14-year-old illiterate asboid living on a diet of frozen chips and WKD on a sink estate in Knutsford.

“All the people I know who have drink problems were those who weren’t allowed alcohol growing up” said Cameron. “Whereas the people who were knocking back the Quinta Da Novel like it was Ribena when they were ten have grown up to be well-balanced, if gout-ridden, adults.”

Just as Margaret Thatcher became known as the person responsible for taking the milk from nursery school children, Cameron wants to be known as “The man who introduced a generation of toddlers to claret.” He also outlined plans for alcohol education for children up to the age of 16. “By the time they leave school, every child should be able to tell the difference between a Lafite, a Latour and a Blue Nun.”

Should the Tories regain control in the next election, they will also give police new “Stop & Shotgun” powers in a bid to placate the nation’s youths. Any rowdy child could be forced to neck several shots of tequila until they lack the basic motor functions required to commit crime. They are advertising the proposed policy with the campaign slogan “Parents - Do You Know Where Your Child Is Puking Into A Hedge?”

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